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BN: Sam's Permissions Post
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Sam has returned to Bete Noire with some shiny new powers, among which is the reading of auras. This tells him if a person has any supernatural abilities (or not), whether they have traveled between realities (or not), whether they are other than human and, in the case of Bete Noire, how much the city has corrupted them.

These powers are not intuitive. Sam knows what some things mean already, but he's had to learn them - so if your character has a power he hasn't seen before, he'll still have to work out what it means.

He'll be checking out a lot of folks as he meets them, so here's a permissions form. If you don't want your character to be read, I can come up with a reason for him not to - or if your character can't be read, that can be interesting times =3

BN App - Take Two
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Roleplay log: Bete Noire
never mind ian holm back there
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Roleplay log: Rowan Tree
who me?
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Totally stealing Nell's idea: Sam's Appearance in Rowan
(ooc) sam lowry's got a gun
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Dream Series 3
goddamn this is some fucked up shit
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Muse Info
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Relationship Charts
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